We fixed subscriptions.

Wait, really? Cool, sign me up

Yes, really. We've been working to understand the cause of what some top YouTubers allege to be involuntary YouTube unsubscribes and in the process developed this tool to solve the problem.

We monitor your subscritions

We'll let you know with an email like this one if we notice you unsubscribe from any channels.

When you get a notification from us just click No if you didn't intend to unsubscribe and we'll get you re-subscribed!

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Never miss an unsubscribe

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How it works

1. Sign up for Subscribe Plus

Log in with your YouTube channel, it only takes a few seconds.

2. Do nothing

Whenever your channel is unsubscribed from any channel on YouTube we'll let you know.

That's it.

For viewers and makers

Sign up to make your own custom Subscribe Plus URL, like this one, for your YouTube channel and share it to reach users that opt-in for more engagement. We help to make sure your subscribers stay subscribed.


How does this site work?

We check your YouTube account constantly to see if you've been unsubscribed from any channels. If we notice any channels missing we send you an email.

Is that it?

No, but that's the gist of it. We are actually building a database of what we call Involuntary Unsubscribes (IUs) so just by signing up you'll be helping us to map out a problem that has allegedly plagued YouTubers for years!


Yeah - the jury is still out on this one. You can read more about the problem below but the bottom line is that there's no concrete evidence to prove or disprove IUs. We aim to change that.

Do I have to authorize my YouTube account to sign up?

Yes, but you can de-authorize or even terminate your Subscribe Plus account any time.

Yeah but is it safe?

Yes, when signing you only authorize us for read-only access to your account.

Yeah but what if you guys get hacked?

Besides the preferred name and email you submit, there won't be much private info for them to hack. But we are still paranoid about keeping that data secure, so we run on a well-vetted Rails baseline and minimize possible attack vectors by running without PHP, Apache, FTP or password-based SSH.


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